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Amino Acids in the Transition Period

By Ken March 9 months ago

An amino acid is the building block of protein and needed for many vital processes like the synthesis of hormones, neurotransmitters, and cell structures. There are twenty that are required, with ten of those called essential, because the cow cannot produce them herself.

Aminomatch - Increase Utilisation of Grazed Grass Through Supplementation

By Iwan Vaughan 1 years ago

The western side of the UK has the potential to be one of the best grass growing regions of the world. However, are we fully utilising this quality feed source to our advantage?

Can we manipulate persistency?

By Huw McConochie 2 years ago

During late gestation and early lactation, the mammary gland produces large numbers of secretory cells with the ability to secrete milk.

This is done in response to changes in circulating hormones and growth factors. The demise of the secretory capability of the mammary gland during mid to late lactation is unavoidable in the pregnant cow and ends with the process of involution when the cow is dried off. The rate of decline is known as persistency.

AminoMatch Nutrition

By Huw McConochie 2 years ago

The AminoMatch nutritional approach is based on characterising the amino acid profile of your forage and then reducing dietary crude protein (CP) levels by ensuring an adequate supply of the first limiting amino acids; methionine and lysine.