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Prime Beef – the Key to Healthy Beef Calves

 Prime Beef – the Key to Healthy Beef Calves
By Eimear Diamond, Regional Sales Manager 3 years ago

Introducing Prime Beef

This year has seen the launch of our milk powder that has been specifically designed and formulated for beef calves – Prime Beef.

Prime Beef is a high quality whey based powder, a high 22% protein content promoting good growth rates, and a lower 17% oil rate to drive early concentrate intake.

Developed specifically for today’s progressive beef farmer, Prime Beef is the perfect milk powder ensuring your calves achieve excellent frame growth and muscle development, a critical factor in gaining those all-important daily live weight gains.

The high vitamin E levels that can be found in this milk will also support the calf’s immune system helping to keep them fit and healthy.

Prime Beef milk powder contains a ‘Greenline package.’ This unique health package helps to boost calf vitality. It includes a bile stimulant to help the calf absorb more energy from the milk powder and translate it into growth. Levels of vitamin C and E help prevent white muscle disease. The package also incorporates a ‘mother smell’ stimulant, to encourage earlier acclimatisation to machine feeding and better early life intake.

Buying In Calves

A high-quality milk powder is key for a successful beef enterprise. However, many systems now depend on calves being bought in, rather than being born on the farm. The background of these calves is just as important as what you choose to feed them when they arrive.

If possible, it is best to buy calves from a source where you know as much about their background as possible. Information such as; Colostrum supply, disease status and feed supply are all key. Being able to source calves from the least number of farms possible will also be advantageous for disease control.

Obtaining Maximum Growth Rates

The aim of any beef rearer is to get their calves growing as quickly as possible, in the most economically efficient way. The best time to maximise on the genetic potential of a calf is in the first two months of life, when feed conversion rates are at their best.

Growth rates should be monitored for a number of reasons; firstly, it will give you an indication if the products you are buying, and the rates at which you are feeding them, is getting the most from your calves. Secondly it is an excellent indicator of the health status of your animals.

Success in Calf Rearing

Successful calf rearing, with minimum mortality rates

and efficient use of labour is key for a profitable system.

High standards and objectives must be set, met and monitored. Alongside the Wynnstay product range, Wynnstay calf specialists can meet with you to help set these objectives, and help to monitor and improve them over time.

Prime Beef is suitable for automatic calf feeding machines and all teat and bucket feeding systems.

Prime Beef Calf Milk Replacer is best used alongside our Start ‘n’ Wean nuts. Then, when the calf is 10-12 weeks, moving on to Prime Beef Nuts.

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