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Oilseed Rape variety overview for 2020

Oilseed Rape variety overview for 2020
By Jonathan Baxendale, Combinable Seed Product Manager 2 months ago

Oilseed rape has had a multitude of challenges on farm, particularly surrounding establishment with issues regarding moisture and cabbage stem flea beetle. On the back of this breeders are selecting more vigorous varieties and there are seed treatments available which have been all been shown to aid early establishment.

Alongside this, there are now some establishment schemes which are available to share risk. The KOEP (KWS Oilseed Establishment Partnership) has been set up with the conventional variety Blazen which has been specifically selected for its autumn vigour. Here KWS, Wynnstay and the grower are sharing the risk of the crop with a significantly lower up front seed cost and the rest only payable if the crop is established by the 1st November. We are hopeful this sharing of risk will help maintain oilseed rape as the go-to break crop.

In terms of other varieties we still expect ‘the seed with speed’ Campus to be hugely popular, as it is a consistent conventional variety that just keeps performing year on year. There are other options to consider such as newly recommended Dazzler, a high yielding hybrid from DSV which also has one of the best oil contents combined with excellent agronomics. The variety has key traits such as turnip yellow virus and pod shatter resistance. It will also be packed in 1.8million seed packs rather than 1.5million seed packs with this extra seed coming at no extra cost.

LG Aviron also looks to be a stand out new Hybrid candidate from Limagrain which is showing tremendous Autumn vigour. It also appears to have headline yields and fantastic disease resistance.

With regards to seed treatments, oilseed rape has become extremely difficult to grow in certain areas due to losing neonicotinoid seed treatments. Work is being done to find alternatives but for the time being treatments are being explored which can help the plant with early autumn vigour. We are currently providing seed treated with either Radiate or Sylas, which are biostimulants that have been shown to aid early development.

To further discuss oilseed rape options and other alternatives please contact your local Wynnstay specialist or the seed department on 01939 210777

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Combinable Seed Product Manager

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