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Wynngold HEIFERPRO: for genetically superior heifers

Wynngold HEIFERPRO: for genetically superior heifers
By Rebecca Richards 1 years ago

Introducing the new Wynngold HEIFERPRO Milk Powder!

With advancements in the field of genetics, we now have the ability to selectively breed based on animal productivity, efficiency, longevity and even carbon footprint. These developments are encouraging producers to be as selective with their calf milk formula as they are with their breeding, matching the correct amino acid intake and balance to the growth and performance requirements of their calves.

Breeding for that lean, large Holstein frame with superior milking abilities warrants a superior milk powder; to enable the young ruminant to thrive in those first 10 weeks of life.

Wynngold HEIFERPROWynngold HEIFERPRO brings with it exceptionally high levels of quality dairy protein. Developed for the genetically superior animal, this 27% protein milk formula contains pure dairy proteins, balanced with sufficient energy to build the frame on replacement heifers in the form of bone and muscle.

Wynngold HEIFERPRO has higher fat levels of specially blended vegetable oils that are essential in providing the calf with energy and are formulated to closely replicate the fatty acid profile of cows' milk.  At 20% oil, this milk formula provides the calf with high levels of energy that can dramatically improve overall calf health, especially in colder weather, the increased energy availability allows calves to withstand lower temperatures while continuing to grow.

The Wynngold range of milk powders boast exceptionally high levels of Vitamin E, and HEIFERPRO is no exception. With levels of 500mg/kg this milk formula is the perfect choice for those producers looking to maximise calf health, after all a healthy calf is a profitable one!

Should you require any additional information on this product and how you can use it to improve the performance of your calves, our team of calf specialists will be happy to help. You can contact your local calf specialist by clicking here.

Rebecca Davies

Product Manager - Milks

You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @richardscalf1 or find out how to contact her directly by clicking here.

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