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Gravity Testimonial

Gravity Testimonial
By Wynnstay Arable Team 6 months ago

Richard Edge of Wimboldsley Grange, Middlewich

A large-scale dairy and arable farmer from Cheshire says he has grown his best second wheat with one of Wynnstay’s recommended varieties - Gravity.

Richard Edge of Wimboldsley Grange, Middlewich, who farms 800 acres with his father, John and mother, Ruth, is a first-time grower of Gravity. He says his expectations for his wheat have been exceeded this summer – most importantly in terms of Gravity’s yield potential.

He says, “It was the high yield that attracted me to select Gravity and I’m more than happy with the results in the fields. I’m going to use Gravity again next year as a second wheat. It is extremely high-yielding and it is taller than most wheats too, so has that extra benefit when it comes to straw yields.”

Colin Jones, Wynnstay Seed Sales Specialist and a licensed Crop Inspector, says, “Gravity was new for Wynnstay in 2018. It is a high-yielding variety which performs either as a first or second wheat. What makes this Cheshire crop really stand out from the crowd, is that it is the thickest crop I have walked in and has a very high yield potential, particularly for a second wheat.“Looking at this crop of Gravity, I can thoroughly recommend it, it’s only slight weakness is mildew but that can easily be remedied by a good fungicide. This is the best crop of Gravity I`ve ever been in and amazingly, it’s a second wheat.”

Sarah-Jane Baldwin, Wynnstay Arable and Feed Sales Specialist for Cheshire, North Shropshire and North Staffordshire, says, “This is the best crop of Gravity I’ve seen. Richard Edge is six-foot-five tall and Gravity still looks high, even when compared to him standing in the field with it. More importantly it is so high yielding, I couldn’t walk down the tramlines because the wheat was so thick throughout.This wheat is a pleasure to see.”

Richard’s Gravity wheat was sown on 11th October, with 50 units of Nitrogen (Pulan) being applied on 26th February which allowed some good early spring vigour. Richard hasn’t had any real disease problems but he pointed out slight lodging issues in a few places and recommends a Growth Regulator Programme as an effective remedy for this.

Richard Edge says, “I’m going to use Gravity again next year as a second wheat. It is so high-yielding and it is taller than most wheats too.”