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Grass Watch Report - 8th August 2016

By Steve Brown 3 years ago

The average grass growth rate has continued to increase this week to 59kg DM/ha/day, up 2kg DM/ha/day from last week. Wetter conditions over the majority of the country in the past week will have increased soil moisture levels supporting grass growth, particularly in the south west, central England and north east, which have experienced dryer conditions than average through July.

The wetter growing conditions will have contributed to a reduction in the average grass dry matter to 16.3%, down 0.9% in comparison to last week. This will influence the potential grass DM intake, which has fallen by 1.4 kg/day to 10.1 kg/day. Grass ME has remained static at 11.15 MJ/kg DM however the potential milk yield from grazing has decreased this week to M+ 6.4 litres. This is close to the 6 year average of M+ 7.5 litres. This fall can be explained by both the reduction in potential grass DM intake along with an increase in the spoilage factor and reducing daylight grazing hours used in the milk yield from grazing calculation.

Summary by Steve Brown, Report Supplied by Trouw Nutrition

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