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Grass Watch Report - 2nd September 2016

By Steve Brown 3 years ago

Grass growth rates have continued to rise from 49 kg DM/ha last week to 53 kg DM/ha this week. The warm temperatures and increase in soil moisture has particularly driven grass growth in areas such as the South West, where the average grass growth rate has increased by 11 kg DM/ha over the past week. An increase in average grass Dry Matter to 16.3 % and slight increase in average ME to 11.3 MJ/kg DM has underpinned a rise in the predicted milk yield from grazing. This has risen from M+ 6.8 litres last week to M+ 9.0 litres this week. This is above the 6 year average of M+ 5.6 litres and 2015 average of M+ 6.7 litres for the same period.

As we move into autumn it is important that there is continued focus on ensuring grass is managed well. Particular attention should be given to rotation length, which should be continuing to increase as we move through September. It is also important to ensure that residuals are achieved. Careful focus on grass management now will ensure the grazing area is set up well for next spring.

For the coming week, there is a continued risk of summer heat stress with warm weather forecast to move in again. It therefore remains important to ensure that cows have a plentiful water supply and steps are considered to reduce heat stress where possible.

Summary by Steve Brown, Report Supplied by Trouw Nutrition

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