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Grass Watch Report - 16th September 2016

By SophieHughes 3 years ago

Grass growth rates have fallen this week to 55 kg DM/ha down from 64 kg DM/ha last week, indicating we may have reached the peak of the autumn grass flush. There has also been a fall in the potential grass DM intake to 7.9 kg/d down 2 kg/d compared to last week. The fall in potential grass DM intake, influenced by factors including bite weight, grazing time and spoilage have contributed to a drop in the potential milk yield to 1.5 litres per day. This is 4.9 litres lower in comparison to last week, highlighting that it remains important to adjust buffer feeding to avoid excessive body condition loss.

Average farm covers should be continuing to rise by increasing rotation length, which should be more than 35 days from mid-September. Building average farm cover will prolong grazing into late autumn and ensure sufficient grass is available next spring. Techniques for building average farm cover include increasing supply by increasing grazing area and reducing demand by reducing stocking rate or utilisation of supplementation. The last rotation of this season will typically be starting in early October, with paddocks grazed after this point then closed until next spring.

Summary by Steve Brown, Report Supplied by Trouw Nutrition

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