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Focus on...Root Seed

Focus on...Root Seed
By Anna.Roberts 2 years ago

Wynnstay supplies a wide range of root and catch options for livestock enterprises, including kale, stubble turnips and forage rape. These can all be supplied as straights or they can be mixed to suit individual requirements. Root crops can be excellent for producing low input, home-grown forage for a variety of situations.

Root Seed Selector


Case Study: Mark & Jen Hansford, South Farm, Sherborne, Dorset

Please see our root seed selector guide below:

We out winter the majority of our Angus beef herd on stubble turnips over a total of 33 acres, so we need a high yielding easy to grow variety that help keep the cattle growing through the winter months. For many years, we have used the same variety. However, after browsing the Wynnstay catalogue for 2016, we decided to try Vollenda as it sounded like it could be an improvement. Clive Bethell gave us some advice on how to achieve the best from them and we have certainly not been disappointed. The seed was rapidly germinating within days of sowing and required no treatment or special care - we just left them to it! The turnips have stood up well to all weathers and the cattle have found them very palatable. The quality of the turnip and its greenery is far superior to the previous variety we used. We are very pleased and will definitely be using them again this year after such success!


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