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Fertiliser Update - October 2019

Fertiliser Update - October 2019
By Dave Mitchell 6 months ago

As we know the nutrient offtake is likely to have been higher in 2019 than the previous year, due to improved yields across a wide range of crops.

With the wet weather we are experiencing so far in October, the opportunity to replace these nutrients in the autumn looks less likely. Residual N is also likely to leach away in these conditions.

While we are no closer to having clarification on where the markets are heading in these uncertain times, we can take control of understanding what our crops require and make informed decisions based on good information. Soil sampling is the best way to establish what fertiliser will be required alongside any available manures and slurries. This can help prevent unnecessary costs or reduced yields and may highlight the traditional fertiliser regime may not be sufficient for the following crop in 2020.