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Fertiliser Update- March 2019

Fertiliser Update- March 2019
By Dave Mitchell 3 months ago

As you would expect, the spell of exceptionally good weather that we saw during February has prompted a high demand for fertiliser throughout the month, and leading into March as people take advantage of windows of opportunity as they appear. We continue to experience availability issues from CF creating a bottleneck in the supply chain, resulting in expected lead times for new orders of 3-4 weeks for many products.

The exception to this is Nitram. We have now seen a weakening in the UK produced AN price, which brings it into line with imported AN products. As we move into spring our advice remains the same, get orders placed as soon as possible and take delivery when available to ensure you have product available on farm for favourable weather windows.

For more information, contact your Wynnstay Representative or call our Fertiliser Team on 01939 211266.

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