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Fertiliser Update - June 2019

Fertiliser Update - June 2019
By Dave Mitchell 4 months ago

Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser prices were launched in the UK by CF fertilisers, which makes in excess of 1.5 million tonnes per year which equates to 40% of the UK fertiliser needs.

As expected, the prices were in line with world markets, so we experienced a higher start price than last year.

The launch price was only £11 per tonne below the current spot price. However, this was in such high demand that it quickly sold out for June, July and August.

Storage deals then become available for September at a further £5 per tonne increase.

Now the current spot prices for AN are back where they were before the launch, so we have come around full circle.

However, urea prices are not being widely offered for spot usage and forward offers are even less so.

It is important to note that all of these factors are supporting the very firm sentiments in the UK market for N, going forward.