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Fertiliser Update - July 2019

Fertiliser Update - July 2019
By Dave Mitchell 4 months ago

Any gardener will tell you how much of a struggle it has been to mow the lawn in recent weeks because the torrential rain we experienced in June has led to an exceptional rate of grass growth throughout the country.

Although these seemingly endless downpours dampened the start of summer, they helped to spur on rapid grass growth, far more than we experienced during last summer’s drought.

Now we are in July and the sun is raising the temperatures considerably just at the right time.

And as harvest comes closer, conditions are very favourable for ripening cereals and crops, with the potential for good yields this year, (fingers crossed).

All crops will be restricted in their performance, however, if the crop nutrition is not adequate. So this is important when considering nutrients for the following crop and subsequent fertiliser requirements.

Shortly after harvest and before any fertilisers are applied, is the ideal time to soil sample.

This will enable you to establish the off take from the previous crop, which is likely to be higher than expected, if the yield was increased.

Applying the right nutrients, at the best time for the following crop, will maximise the chances of crops reaching their full potential.

Please speak to your Wynnstay rep, or the fertiliser desk, to find out how we can help you to maximise your crop.