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Fertiliser Update - February 2020

Fertiliser Update - February 2020
By Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager 6 days ago

As another weather front blows in across the whole of the UK and with cropping still unsure in a lot of areas, the thought of fertiliser applications may be at the back of grower’s mind. Despite this, fertiliser purchases have been on the increase throughout January and February. Some suppliers have already withdrawn February terms with full order books.

As the days begin to get longer we are reminded that spring will eventually arrive and crops, whether grassland, arable winter or spring, will all require the correct nutrition.

With the very wet conditions through the autumn and winter, timings of first applications are crucial to ensure potential yields can be maximised.

As usual pressure on logistics will increase as the weather eventually does improve and It is likely to be greater than normal, this is caused by later purchasing of fertiliser and an increase in spring cereals needed to be delivered. As prices have now firmed, getting fertilisers onto farm as soon as possible should become a priority.