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Fertiliser Update - December 2019

Fertiliser Update - December 2019
By Dave Mitchell 2 months ago

Do you need Sulphur for 1st cut silage?

Although 2019 has been a great grass growing season, it’s never too early to plan and think about how to make the most of the 2020 season.

In this regard, I was interested to see some farm trial results from the Newton Rigg College dairy (Sewborwens Farm) at Penrith in Cumbria. The farm is heavily stocked with a high feed input all-year-round housed and calving herd, so doesn’t need much P and K, but they have never used Sulphur with their Nitrogen for first cut grass silage – they had only ever used Sulphur from second cut onwards – until this year.

Where they added Sulphur to the first cut fertiliser programme, alongside Nitrogen and slurry, dry matter yield on a new reseed was lifted by 0.44 t/acre (1.1 t/ha) to 3.28 t/acre (8.1 t/ha).

On a permanent pasture previously grazed by sheep, the additional Sulphur raised dry matter yield by 0.48 t/acre (1.2 t/ha) to 2.08 t/acre (5.2 t/ha).

Worth thinking about before you put your fertiliser order in and you use straight Nitrogen.

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