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ELIXIR – Energised Calf Milk (ECM)

ELIXIR – Energised Calf Milk (ECM)
By Jessica Charlton 7 months ago

Revolution in Early Life Nutrition

From its launch in September 2018, ELIXIR - the first in a category of Energised Calf Milk replacers – has continued to receive extremely positive Farmer feedback on how well the calves look, how great their appetite is and how content the calves appear to be.

Results from Research

Specifically formulated for optimal development, resilience to disease and improved longevity, ELIXIR provides calves on elevated feeding plans optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Developed from research, with a unique blend of dairy proteins and encapsulated fats, which maximise efficiency and provide the calf the building blocks for enhanced growth and development, and is formulated have the closest osmolality to whole milk. ELIXIR is the perfect product to unlock calves’ potential.

On farm monitoring at Rowe Farm has seen extremely positive results, calves are realising an average DLWG of over 1kg per day to weaning and we expect this growth to continue into the calves’ post weaning and prepubertal life.

There are four key areas that make the energised calf milk ELIXIR different to other milk replacers:


Formulation contains 10% more metabolisable energy compared to normal CMR.

Calf growth and performance enhanced by providing 25% oil in ELIXIR; giving extra energy to help to improve growth rates and overall appearance.

  1. OSMOLALITY (concentration of solute particles in a solution calculated by adding the concentrations of sugars and minerals in mOsm/kg of solvent).

Elevated levels of osmolality can damage the gut integrity, increase risk of abomasal bloat and exacerbate diarrhoea; ELIXIR has reduced osmolality so that it is closer to whole milk. Recommended feeding levels 135g/L (I would not recommend feeding any milk replacer above 175g/L).


In ELIXIR we have rebalanced the mineral content which not only helps reduce the osmolality but takes it back to mother nature by looking at what the calf requires in terms on minerals.


Wynnguard is an exclusive health package to Wynnstay, which contains Mannan-Oligosaccharide (MOS), probiotic and prebiotic combinations tha0t have been chosen to optimise rumen development, as well as help protect the lower gut and significantly increase average daily gains.

ELIXIR is a revolution in early life nutrition and I truly believe it will have a huge impact on the way we rear calves in the future.

For more information on our new calf milk replacer, feeding protocols and calf team support, please contact your local calf specialist.

Jessica Charlton

Jessica Charlton

Calf Specialist – Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire

m: 07990 584740