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Don’t forget the need for soluble Phosphate

Don’t forget the need for soluble Phosphate
By Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager 27 days ago

Many grassland farmers with a high stocking rate and significant feed inputs have moved away from using fertilisers containing P (Phosphate). But it’s important to know that even a maintenance application of P to keep soil indexes at target 2 can have an impact on grass yields.

The most recent data we’ve seen comes from trials at Reaseheath College, where using highly water-soluble fertilisers to add maintenance P (80kg P2O5/ha; 64 units/acre) on a P index 2 soil for a 3-cut silage system raised yields by 12% (1.2 t DM/ha).

So, things to think about:

 Where do we have P soil index 2 and below 2 on-farm?

 Can we cover this requirement with slurries and manures? (An application of 2,600 gals/acre dairy slurry adds about 54 units/acre) (that’s 29 m3/ha adding about 67 kg/ha)

 If not what fertiliser P do we need to buy-in?

And things to do:

 Make sure you need fertilisers containing P in the first place.

 Get a fertiliser grade that suits your needs.

 Make sure the P water solubility is 97%

Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager
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