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Cereal varieties to watch for 2017...

Cereal varieties to watch for 2017...
By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

2017 has seen a number of new varieties added to the AHDB Recommended List. Find out which varieties are performing in trials and which to consider for 2018.

Graham WheatWheat

Graham - Hard Group 4: An early maturing feed variety, with high septoria tritici resistance at 6.7. Performing particularly well in the western region with good grain quality and stiff straw.

KWS Siskin - Group 2, Breadmaking: Raising the bar in septoria tritici resistance at 6.8. Offers one of the best resistances to yellow rust and mildew too. A variety with vigorous growth, not to be sown before mid-September.

NEW 2017 Wheat Entrants - offering a step up in disease resistance and yield

Shabras - Hard Group 4: High yields with good resistance to yellow rust and septoria tritici. It could be the ideal 2nd wheat and is a strong candidate to replace JB Diego in this position. Shabras is also an early maturing variety.

Dunston - All round 1st and 2nd A tall variety with stiff straw and 6.7 resistance rating for septoria tritici. Produces a very high untreated yield. A great variety for grain and straw. Better suited on lighter land but produces high yields in all situations.

KWS Zyatt - Group 1: The highest yielding new milling wheat, offering a feed-type yield, with very strong agronomics and a septoria disease rating of 6.7. It’s set to be a variety which many growers will consider for their autumn drilling. A great choice for 2nd wheat too.

BarleyClose up on the crop of barley in a field

Surge - Feed Barley: A strong looking variety with superior mildew, rhynchosporium and net blotch resistance. Producing the highest untreated yields for a two-row variety. Suitable for most situations with a high grain quality and high specific weight.

KWS Orwell – Feed Barley: Very stiff straw, with good disease resistance, except mildew where it will need particular attention.

Oilseed Rape


Campus - ‘The Seed with Speed’, leading the field in non-hybrids. Performing well across the UK. A seed variety which is quick to establish and has a high oil content at 45.7%.


Architect – A top variety with a strong agronomic package. The first high yielding hybrid with genetic resistance to TuYV. It also has pod shatter resistance, a high gross output, early maturity and stiff straw.

Clearfield® - We have Clearfield® hybrids available from Pioneer, Monsanto, DSV and others. Please call for advice on which Clearfield® Hybrid variety to grow.

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