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​Cereal crops and grass yields are up this autumn

​Cereal crops and grass yields are up this autumn
By Dave Mitchell 5 months ago

Cereal crops and grass yields are up this autumn

With yields on cereal crops widely being reported across the industry as much as 1 tonne higher per acre, (2.5 tonne per hectare) than last year, and grass yields certainly outstripping 2018, grain stores and silage clamps are looking fuller going into the winter this year.

With this in mind, it is very important to measure the crop offtake and to be aware of the quantities of extra nutrients that need to be applied, to ensure that next year’s yields are not compromised.

Following harvest, is always a good time to soil sample and to take stock of how to manage your nutrient planning for the following crop in the most efficient way possible.

Below you will find a table illustrating the offtake figures that different crops remove from the soil. It is a useful reference with regard to the quantities involved.

The table is based on figures in the nutrient management guide (RB209)

For any enquires about the above quantities, or any other fertiliser needs, please contact your local Wynnstay Representative or the Fertiliser Team.