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National SQP Awards 2019

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team Yesterday

Wynnstay Group, Llanfair Caereinion announced as Multiple Store of the Year National SQP Awards 2019 winner. Ceri Jones was handed the award at a prestigious ceremony at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington on Thursday afternoon (November 7).

What should I consider for winter feeding ewes?

By Lamlac - Volac 1 month ago

It’s never too early to be thinking about winter ewe feeding.

How to manage surplus lambs

By Lamlac - Volac 1 month ago

During scanning, the results will provide an initial indication of how many lambs are likely to need fostering or artificially rearing. Before lambing starts preparing a carefully planned rearing protocol will be time well spent, since well grown artificially reared lambs will leave an acceptable margin that can be considered a worthy additional income stream.

How do I stop surplus lambs chewing feeder teats?

By Lamlac - Volac 1 month ago

Are your lambs chewing on the teats of your ad-lib milk feeders? Here are a few tricks you can try this lambing season.

Read our top tips!

Weaning Lambs - Roughage for young lambs

By Lamlac - Volac 1 month ago

The Preparation of lambs for weaning is a vital process to reduce the risk of a growth check during the transition from milk and to ensure lambs continue to thrive. It is therefor important to ensure lambs have access to clean and fresh water; high quality concentrates and a sufficient source of roughage alongside their milk supply. The type of roughage supplied can influence many factors, such as rumen development.

Fertiliser Update - October 2019

By Dave Mitchell 1 month ago

Use soil sampling now to reduce on-farm costs in 2020. As we know the nutrient offtake is likely to have been higher in 2019 than the previous year, due to improved yields across a wide range of crops.

Preparing for Lambing: Ewe Management

By Lamblac - Volac 1 month ago

Managing your ewes effectively in the last eight weeks before lambing is one of the most important stages in the sheep calendar, says experienced sheep consultant Kate Phillips. If things go wrong at this stage the effects will be noticed in the following areas, lamb birth-weight could be low, lamb losses high, colostrum is poor in quality and supplies are below average poor and subsequent lamb growth below target. Thus ensuring the health of the ewe is vitally important.

Innovation and Diversification Wales Event

By Wynnstay Agriculture 2 months ago

Farmers looking to diversify or implement innovative products can get all the information they need from Wynnstay Specialists attending the Innovation and Diversification event, at the Royal Welsh Showground on Thursday, September 26. New technologies and ideas, such as Wynnstay’s revolutionary CracklessEgg™ technology will be among the latest trends and opportunities in science to assist you in your businesses.

Countryside Productivity Scheme

By Wynnstay 3 months ago

Round 2 for the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme has opened.

Preparing your sheep for showing

By Josie Butler 3 months ago

Show season is well and truly on us, and many of us will be starting to get our sheep show ready. Not only do you want your prize ewe to look its best, you also want to highlight its best qualities.