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National SQP Awards 2019

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team Yesterday

Wynnstay Group, Llanfair Caereinion announced as Multiple Store of the Year National SQP Awards 2019 winner. Ceri Jones was handed the award at a prestigious ceremony at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington on Thursday afternoon (November 7).

Fertiliser Update - October 2019

By Dave Mitchell 1 month ago

Use soil sampling now to reduce on-farm costs in 2020. As we know the nutrient offtake is likely to have been higher in 2019 than the previous year, due to improved yields across a wide range of crops.

Slurry Treatment for a Slatted Shed - Where should we treat?

By Wynnstay Agriculture 2 months ago

Follow our guide to perform adequate slurry treatment in a slatted shed. Slurry Treatment will reduce the crusting and create a homogenised and easy to handle slurry.

Innovation and Diversification Wales Event

By Wynnstay Agriculture 2 months ago

Farmers looking to diversify or implement innovative products can get all the information they need from Wynnstay Specialists attending the Innovation and Diversification event, at the Royal Welsh Showground on Thursday, September 26. New technologies and ideas, such as Wynnstay’s revolutionary CracklessEgg™ technology will be among the latest trends and opportunities in science to assist you in your businesses.

Making Youngstock Rearing Stack Up

By Mark Price 2 months ago

The cost of growing beef for finishing, the store cattle market or for rearing dairy replacement heifers, can put huge financial pressure on your business. Whatever system employed, realising a sustainable profit once all costs are considered can be challenging. With increasing fixed costs, an ever-uncertain political landscape and opportunity cost of the assets used, it is as important as ever that operators remain as efficient as possible to generate profit.

Heifers Must Be the Correct Body Size, as Well as Age, at First Calving

By Jessica Cook 3 months ago

Holstein-Friesian heifers calving at 23 to 25 months of age have been shown to outperform later calving cows in terms of fertility, milk production and survival over their first 5 years of life.

Cost Implications of Imbalanced Finishing Rations

By Bethany May 3 months ago

With high numbers of dairy x beef calves entering the beef chain (and the current beef price not setting the world alight), it is important to consider potential finishing rations and their cost implications.

Disease Focus On Mycoplasma

By Jessica Yeomans 3 months ago

A hot topic among many farmers and vets is the issue of Mycoplasma. With New Zealand enforcing an aggressive culling policy on infected cows it raises the questions; do we know enough about it? Are we being proactive? So it goes without saying that prevention is better than a cure, especially when discussing calf health and performance.

Hygiene - Keeping Bacteria at Bay

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 3 months ago

The health of any animal relies on the balance between an internal immune system and the external challenges of viruses and bacteria.

Countryside Productivity Scheme

By Wynnstay 3 months ago

Round 2 for the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme has opened.