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Question and Answers with Jamie Robertson, Housing Specialist

By Elinor Thomas Yesterday

As Calf & Youngstock Specialists we are often discussing youngstock housing on farm. Whether that be advice on adapting existing buildings, or erecting new structures with youngstock in mind.

Are Automated Feeders the Future of Calf Rearing?

By Eimear Diamond 7 days ago

You have done the hard bit…figured out where you’re going to source calves from, what powder to feed them, and what starter feed is best. Now you are faced with the many options for how to feed the chosen milk powder, and with those options, host a range of costings.

Prepare for Lungworm Season by Managing Pasture Contamination

By Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health 8 days ago

Lungworm disease in cattle is caused by the Dictyocaulus viviparus parasite, and is normally seen in mid to late summer, although infections can start as early as July. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health is urging cattle producers to lessen the risk of disease outbreaks by proactively managing pasture larvae levels throughout the grazing season and using an appropriate disease control programme.

What's New In Calf Rearing?

By Jess Charlton 15 days ago

Calf rearing is a forever-changing topic as we constantly learn and improve how calves are reared. Below is a summary of what’s new in calf rearing, some hot topics and buzzwords.

There's More to Colostrum Than Passive Immunity

By Nick White 15 days ago

The importance of a colostrum to a calf is well known and can’t be over stated. Guaranteeing a calf receives an adequate amount of good-quality colostrum soon after birth, is one of the most important things to ensure strong, healthy growth and will have a major impact on farm profitability.

Cornell University Visit

By Iwan Vaughan 29 days ago

In October Iwan Vaughan, Julie Wright and Mark Price made their first secondments over Cornell University, NY in the first part of the cowficNcy Project- a European wide initiative, where research institutions partner with commercial companies worldwide, with an aim to reduce nitrogen emissions within dairy agriculture.

Amino Acids in the Transition Period

By Ken March 2 months ago

An amino acid is the building block of protein and needed for many vital processes like the synthesis of hormones, neurotransmitters, and cell structures. There are twenty that are required, with ten of those called essential, because the cow cannot produce them herself.

Don’t Let the Next Generation Slip over Summer

By Bethany May 2 months ago

Transition cows are the next generation of milking cows in your herd, so every effort should be made to ensure that they have the best transition into milking and become profitable long-term herd members. Just letting one thing slip under the radar - such as diet, or space allocation - can unknowingly cause costly health problems later on.

Feeding Calves

By Eimear Diamond 2 months ago

When we think of feeding calves, the first thing that comes to mind is often milk. As Calf Specialists, we have often focused on the pre-weaned calf. The milk feeding stage is of great importance, and sets the calf up for life. However, the weaning and post weaning phase also requires attention.

The first 60-70 days of life are a golden opportunity to exploit the genetic potential of your calves. The weaning period and the days following are also an opportunity that we need to make the most of.

Making Full Use of the Rumen

By Iwan Vaughan 2 months ago

Ruminants are fascinating creatures. What sets them apart from monogastric organisms with one simple stomach, is that they possess a huge fermentation chamber - the rumen. The rumen is full of a microbial population made up of bacteria, protozoa and fungi. This microbial population is able to break down forage and raw materials, that aren’t edible for humans into essential nutrients that can be used for body function and performance.