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Prepare for Lungworm Season by Managing Pasture Contamination

By Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health 8 days ago

Lungworm disease in cattle is caused by the Dictyocaulus viviparus parasite, and is normally seen in mid to late summer, although infections can start as early as July. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health is urging cattle producers to lessen the risk of disease outbreaks by proactively managing pasture larvae levels throughout the grazing season and using an appropriate disease control programme.

Extending Depleted Forage Stocks

By Wynnstay Dairy Technical Services 10 months ago

It’s been a difficult season to say the least! The drought of 2018 has had a drastic effect on forage stocks which have been reserved for winter feeding with Dry Matter (DM) yields of grass on farm estimated to be down up to 50% compared to 2017.

Bringing Your Beef Calves Home

By Eimear Diamond 1 years ago

In my last blog we discussed how to choose the correct beef calf for your system. Today we will have a look at some hints and tips for bringing those calves home.

Sourcing Beef Calves : Choosing the Calf

By Eimear Diamond 1 years ago

Increasing numbers of dairy x beef calves are opening up new avenues for beef farmers, but how do you decide what will best suit your system?

Prime Beef – the Key to Healthy Beef Calves

By Eimear Diamond 2 years ago

This year has seen the launch of our milk powder that has been specifically designed and formulated for beef calves – Prime Beef.

Prime Beef is a high quality whey based powder, a high 22% protein content promoting good growth rates, and a lower 17% oil rate to drive early concentrate intake.

Improving Suckler Beef Efficiency

By Wynnstay Sheep & Beef Team 2 years ago

This article will outline the key factors that influence the profitability of suckler beef systems in Ireland. It has been adapted from a reproduced report courtesy of Teagasc.

Sheep & Beef Event 2016

By Wynnstay Sheep & Beef Team 3 years ago

Biosecurity, exotic diseases and supermarket supply chains were at the top of the agenda at the only dedicated one day event for the beef and sheep industry in the UK.

Dairy-Bred Beef Calves

By Wynnstay Sheep & Beef Team 3 years ago

As a farmer, you already know what makes your business tick. You don’t need us to tell you that optimising the value of each animal is the key to a successful business. But did you know the importance of the first three months in terms of maximising lifetime performance of your dairy-bred reared calves?

High Starch Diets For Beef Finishers

By Steve Brown 3 years ago

Finishing beef cattle on high starch diets has many known benefits not least being increased growth rate. With the current price of cereal feeds, it is currently an economical approach which can also improve carcass conformation and hence give higher returns per kilo.

Live Yeast & Buffers in Beef Animals

By Ceri 4 years ago

Whether beef prices are on the up or on the way down, it is always possible to improve returns by increasing efficiency. The use of Biosprint live yeast in beef diets can help to do just that; the benefits include reduced cost per kilo live weight gain, a reduction in the overall feed bill and a faster turnaround of animals.