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​Cereal crops and grass yields are up this autumn

By Dave Mitchell 11 days ago

With yields on cereal crops widely being reported across the industry as much as 1 tonne higher per acre, (2.5 tonne per hectare) than last year, and grass yields certainly outstripping 2018, grain stores and silage clamps are looking fuller going into the winter this year.

Meet your local Arable Specialist, Charlie Dolphin

By Wynnstay Arable Team 13 days ago

Wynnstay’s Arable Specialist Charlie Dolphin is a familiar face to many of his Wynnstay customers. This is because he regularly went out travelling with his dad, Peter Dolphin, when he was just a toddler, as Peter drove around the country working as a finance broker, selling farm machinery.

Considerations in the run-up to maize harvest

By Dr Simon Pope 18 days ago

Maize is a crop which responds well to careful management and it is also influenced by weather conditions during the entire growing season, explains Dr Simon Pope, Crop Protection Manager for Wynnstay.

Countryside Productivity Scheme

By Wynnstay 1 month ago

Round 2 for the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme has opened.

Fertiliser Update - August 2019

By Dave Mitchell 1 month ago

We know that two of the biggest factors that could affect the fertiliser prices going forward are currency and a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Meet your local Arable Specialist, Sarah Evans

By Sarah Evans 1 month ago

Sarah Evans joined Wynnstay in September 2018, as an Arable Specialist for Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. Sarah has a wealth of experience and specialises in fertiliser, soil sampling, grass seed, root crop seed, cereal seed, maize seed and grassland agriculture and chemicals.

Gravity Testimonial

By Wynnstay Arable Team 2 months ago

Richard Edge of Wimboldsley Grange, Middlewich, who farms 800 acres with his father, John and mother, Ruth, is a first-time grower of Gravity. He says his expectations for his wheat have been exceeded this summer – most importantly in terms of Gravity’s yield potential.

Meet your local Arable Specialist, Sarah-Jane Baldwin

By Wynnstay Arable Team 2 months ago

Sarah-Jane has a wealth of experience, having worked in a sales role for 25 years.

Sarah-Jane’s role within Wynnstay provides her with the opportunity to engage and trade with a varied mix of farming businesses, from mixed livestock farms and intensive dairy and beef units, to large-scale arable enterprises.

Fertiliser Update - July 2019

By Dave Mitchell 2 months ago

Any gardener will tell you how much of a struggle it has been to mow the lawn in recent weeks because the torrential rain we experienced in June has led to an exceptional rate of grass growth throughout the country.

​Rain-Soaked, Distressed Maize Will Benefit From a Nutritional Boost

By Dr Simon Pope 3 months ago

Dr Simon Pope, Wynnstay crop protection manager, is urging growers to give some careful thought to the nutrition of their maize crops, following days of torrential rainfall in June, to ensure a maximum return on investment in 2019’s harvest.