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Spring Re-seeds – key to profitable home-grown forage

By Adam Simper 21 days ago

Spring focus should turn onto managing existing grassland and assessing which fields need to be re-seeded or over seeded.

To ensure that you are using the correct grass seed mixture for your management system, get in touch with a Wynnstay specialist.

Fertiliser Update - March 2020

By Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager 22 days ago

With the delays that have been experienced getting on to the land this spring don’t forget to ensure the nutrient requirement of your soil and plants is calculated in the dash to get crops planted or animals turned out.

UK spring seed supply under pressure

By Wynnstay Arable Team 22 days ago

Wynnstay combinable crops manager, Jonathan Baxendale, says current predictions are that around only 55% of winter cereals have been drilled nationwide. And, with many of these struggling to establish, there is concern over limited spring seed availability.

Maize guide: things to consider pre-drilling

By Dr Simon Pope 1 month ago

As we approach the beginning of the 2020 maize growing season, there are a few important things to consider pre-drilling in order to achieve a quality crop. We normally think about the effect of weather during the growing season, but this year the excess winter rainfall will also need to be taken into account.

Are you on the multi-cut road?

By Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager 1 month ago

We all know the reasons for taking a 2 or 3 cut silage system to 4 or 5 cuts; better grass quality and higher yields to increase output from forage, and if you’re not doing it already, you’ve probably dismissed is it as an option for your business or are thinking of moving in that direction.

​Take no chances with your maize crop in 2020

By Dr Simon Pope 1 month ago

Top questions to ask yourself this March to maximise the potential of your maize crop.

Fertiliser Update - February 2020

By Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager 2 months ago

As another weather front blows in across the whole of the UK and with cropping still unsure in a lot of areas, the thought of fertiliser applications may be at the back of grower’s mind.

Making maize decisions in 2020

By Dr Simon Pope 2 months ago

Maize is proving to be a popular cropping choice for spring 2020 due to the reduced area of winter cereals.

Grown to feed on the farm or to sell to others, the crop has become an important component of dairy and beef rations. Farmers are seeing the benefits from the high starch and fermentable energy content, with improved animal performance on both dairy and beef enterprises, explains Wynnstay crop protection manager, Dr Simon Pope.

Fertiliser Update - January 2020

By Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager 2 months ago

We witnessed world prices for fertilisers fall towards the end of 2019, this has been helped further with a strengthening of the pound sterling. Manufacturers have now reset UK prices and are considerably cheaper than they were at the same time last year.

Don’t forget the need for soluble Phosphate

By Dave Mitchell, Fertiliser Manager 3 months ago

Many grassland farmers with a high stocking rate and significant feed inputs have moved away from using fertilisers containing P (Phosphate). But it’s important to know that even a maintenance application of P to keep soil indexes at target 2 can have an impact on grass yields.