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August 2019

Considerations in the run-up to maize harvest

By Dr Simon Pope 9 months ago

Maize is a crop which responds well to careful management and it is also influenced by weather conditions during the entire growing season, explains Dr Simon Pope, Crop Protection Manager for Wynnstay.

Disease Focus On Mycoplasma

By Jessica Yeomans, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 9 months ago

A hot topic among many farmers and vets is the issue of Mycoplasma. With New Zealand enforcing an aggressive culling policy on infected cows it raises the questions; do we know enough about it? Are we being proactive? So it goes without saying that prevention is better than a cure, especially when discussing calf health and performance.

Wynnstay’s CracklessEgg™ can Revolutionise your Poultry Farm

By Jim Turner 9 months ago

Wynnstay have introduced the revolutionary CracklessEgg™technology to help their poultry feed customers save hundreds or even thousands of pounds in wasted, cracked eggs on their poultry farms.

Hygiene - Keeping Bacteria at Bay

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 10 months ago

The health of any animal relies on the balance between an internal immune system and the external challenges of viruses and bacteria.

Responsible Mineral Nutrition for Youngstock

By Anna Roberts 10 months ago

Whether our aim is to improve growth from our youngstock, improve feed conversion rates of our beef animals, or to just simply produce more milk from dairy cows, one sure way to enhance this is by increasing nutrient utilisation. This is a free tool - we just need to learn how to use it to our advantage.

Countryside Productivity Scheme

By Wynnstay 10 months ago

Round 2 for the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme has opened.

Fertiliser Update - August 2019

By Dave Mitchell 10 months ago

We know that two of the biggest factors that could affect the fertiliser prices going forward are currency and a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Preparing your sheep for showing

By Josie Butler 10 months ago

Show season is well and truly on us, and many of us will be starting to get our sheep show ready. Not only do you want your prize ewe to look its best, you also want to highlight its best qualities.

Meet your local Arable Specialist, Sarah Evans

By Sarah Evans 10 months ago

Sarah Evans joined Wynnstay in September 2018, as an Arable Specialist for Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. Sarah has a wealth of experience and specialises in fertiliser, soil sampling, grass seed, root crop seed, cereal seed, maize seed and grassland agriculture and chemicals.

Calf Team Study Tours

By Laura Monk 10 months ago

Read about the Calf Team study tour to Bavaria, Germany and Northern Ireland. Calf & Youngstock specialist, Laura Monk discusses her take home messages.