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July 2019

Dengrove Farm Calf-Rearing Focus ‘We Aim to Rear 1000 Calves by 2020’

By Millie Hendy, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 6 months ago

Those who have worked with me know my opinion regarding beef and dairy calves - a calf is a calf! Whether beef or dairy, it should be reared to the highest standard, and the first 3 months is when they are most feed-efficient, therefore enhancing higher daily live weight gains. Nutrition is not the only area we should focus on, we also have to consider health and housing in order to maximise calf performance.

Parasite Watch - 22nd July 2019

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team 6 months ago

In the South West we are seeing the second peak of Nematodirus and high roundworm counts and positive fluke samples demonstrate there may be a need to treat mixed infestations.

High roundworm counts being recorded, in the South East so ensure appropriate treatment.

In the North West high Nematodiru sand roundworm risk increased potential for growth rate loss and disease. Regular treatment is now required for flies.

In the North East high Nematodirus and roundworm risk increased potential for growth rate loss and disease. Regular treatment is now required for flies.

Gravity Testimonial

By Wynnstay Arable Team 6 months ago

Richard Edge of Wimboldsley Grange, Middlewich, who farms 800 acres with his father, John and mother, Ruth, is a first-time grower of Gravity. He says his expectations for his wheat have been exceeded this summer – most importantly in terms of Gravity’s yield potential.

The First Meal Is a Big Deal

By Sammy Howorth 6 months ago

When discussing colostrum management, attention is often focused around the calf. However, to produce a quality-first feed we need to begin with the cow in her transition period. Dam colostrum contains farm-specific antibodies making it so valuable to the calves on that farm - providing protection against the pathogens, they are most likely to encounter. Diet and management of the dry cow directly influence the quality of colostrum she is able to produce.

Wynnstay's Top Show Picks

By Wynnstay Team 7 months ago

Each year there are a number of agriculture & country shows that take place across the UK. Read our top picks and plan you visit for next year.

Question and Answers with Jamie Robertson, Housing Specialist

By Elinor Thomas 7 months ago

As Calf & Youngstock Specialists we are often discussing youngstock housing on farm. Whether that be advice on adapting existing buildings, or erecting new structures with youngstock in mind.

Meet your local Arable Specialist, Sarah-Jane Baldwin

By Wynnstay Arable Team 7 months ago

Sarah-Jane has a wealth of experience, having worked in a sales role for 25 years.

Sarah-Jane’s role within Wynnstay provides her with the opportunity to engage and trade with a varied mix of farming businesses, from mixed livestock farms and intensive dairy and beef units, to large-scale arable enterprises.

Blowfly Strike Alert : High Risk

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team 7 months ago

The NADIS blowfly forecast suggests that weather conditions in your area mean that local flocks are at MEDIUM-risk of blowfly strike caused by female flies being active and laying eggs.

Parasite Watch - 8th July 2019

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team 7 months ago

We are now seeing high roundworm counts across all regions, with nematodirus counts still remaining high in more northern areas, increasing the potential of growth rate loss and disease. In addition to this we are also seeing positive fluke samples on the farms in the South West. So we need to ensure that treatment choices are suitable for all parasites impacting lambs.

The Blowfly risk is also high across Southern parts of the UK, so farmers that haven’t yet used a preventative treatment should be encouraged to do so ASAP.

Are Automated Feeders the Future of Calf Rearing?

By Eimear Diamond, Regional Sales Manager 7 months ago

You have done the hard bit…figured out where you’re going to source calves from, what powder to feed them, and what starter feed is best. Now you are faced with the many options for how to feed the chosen milk powder, and with those options, host a range of costings.