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June 2019

Fertiliser Update - June 2019

By Dave Mitchell 7 months ago

Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser prices were launched in the UK by CF fertilisers, which makes in excess of 1.5 million tonnes per year which equates to 40% of the UK fertiliser needs. As expected, the prices were in line with world markets, so we experienced a higher start price than last year.

Parasite Watch - 14th June 2019

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team 7 months ago

From the latest Parasite Watch Update we can see that the parasite watch farms are returning some positive samples for fluke in the South of the country so please consider this when having discussions with your animal health advisors.

Cornell University Visit

By Iwan Vaughan 7 months ago

In October Iwan Vaughan, Julie Wright and Mark Price made their first secondments over Cornell University, NY in the first part of the cowficNcy Project- a European wide initiative, where research institutions partner with commercial companies worldwide, with an aim to reduce nitrogen emissions within dairy agriculture.

Call for New Cereal Strategies and Use of Seed Treatments

By Dr Simon Pope 8 months ago

Growers are advised to re-think their cereal agronomy strategies and use of seed treatments, to ensure the best possible establishment and vigour of crops this autumn, as a result of the neonicotinoid bans.

Best Autumn Cereals revealed at Trials Event

By Wynnstay Arable Team 8 months ago

Growers and agronomists from across the UK will be selecting the top-performing cereal varieties to use on-farm this autumn at Wynnstay Woodheads Arable event.

The popular annual event on Thursday, 20th June, at Stockbridge Technology Centre, Selby, in Yorkshire, will help growers to make informed decisions on the best varieties to choose ahead of autumn.