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March 2019

Using Multicut To Your Advantage

By Mark Price 1 years ago

For the last few years, the industry has been advising grass silage producers to cut little and often to maximise the energy and protein yield form their silage ground.

Growing Maize Under Film Will Pay

By Simon Pope 1 years ago

Growing maize under film could provide producers with benefits worth more than £200 per hectare (ha) compared to conventional methods.

According to Wynnstay dairy specialist Mark Price, the improved nutritional value of maize silage grown under film, outweighs the increased growing costs.

Worming Ewes at Lambing

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team 1 years ago

During late pregnancy a ewe’s immune system becomes weakened, therefore the worm burden that is usually kept subdued can flourish and an increased number of worm eggs can be released onto the pasture.

Aminomatch - Increase Utilisation of Grazed Grass Through Supplementation

By Iwan Vaughan 1 years ago

The western side of the UK has the potential to be one of the best grass growing regions of the world. However, are we fully utilising this quality feed source to our advantage?

Fertiliser Update- March 2019

By Dave Mitchell 1 years ago

As you would expect, the spell of exceptionally good weather that we saw during February has prompted a high demand for fertiliser throughout the month, and leading into March as people take advantage of windows of opportunity as they appear.

Grazing Management - the Key to a Successful Grazing Season

By Rachel Gardner 1 years ago

In the dairy industry where margins are often tight, making the most out of home-grown forages is key. Grazed grass is the cheapest feed on the farm yet often it is not utilized to its full potential.

Maize: How to ensure a successful crop

By Wynnstay Arable Team 1 years ago

Maize is a high value cropping choice for dairy and beef producers with its high starch and fermentable energy content. However, it can be relatively costly to grow so it pays to consider all the elements required for a successful crop, ahead of planting. If you are growing maize this year careful planning is the key to ensure the best possible return on investment.