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October 2018

Jonathan joins the Wynnstay Seed Team

By Wynnstay Arable Team 1 years ago

We are very pleased to welcome Jonathan Baxendale to the Wynnstay Arable & Forage Team.

Jonathan has joined the team as the Product Manager of Combinable Seed and will be based at the Astley office near Shrewsbury.

Soil Sampling for Success

By Wynnstay Arable Team 1 years ago

With cropping decisions being made, now is a great time to carry out soil sampling to plan your fertiliser regime for the coming season.

Good yields may have results in greater nutrient offtake which will need to be replenished to ensure your subsequent crops can reach their full potential. By soil sampling now you can also gauge whether there is a requirement for an autumn application of fertiliser.

Whole Farm Utilisation Is a Vital Part of Profitable Dairy Production

By Mark Price 1 years ago

With ever tightening margins in milk production, rising capital costs, competition for land use from other sectors of agriculture and political uncertainty, there is an ever growing need to maximise margins from your farmed land.

Liver Fluke- Know the Facts!

By CorrinaJeffreys 1 years ago

Liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica, is a highly pathogenic parasite which causes severe liver damage, especially in sheep, and can result in the sudden death of previously healthy animals.

Measure What Matters

By Mark Price 1 years ago

When it comes to herd and farm management metrics, there are a plethora of figures that can be generated and compared. Commonly measured metrics are Milk from Forage, Pence Per Litre (ppl) Purchased Feed Costs, Feed Rate per kg of milk sold and Margin Over Purchased Feed.

Fertiliser Update - October 2018

By David Mitchell 1 years ago

Over the last few weeks fertiliser markets have continued to rise with N P and K prices firming. Stocks are very low and demand is still outstripping supply. The increase in gas prices has increased the cost of nitrogen production significantly.

Maize Quality at Harvest, a Mixed Bag

By Simon Pope 1 years ago

https://www.wynnstayagriculture.co.uk/maize-seedFollowing an extraordinarily challenging maize growing season, ending with a harvest which began in August and is still not finished entering October, growers are presented with a very mixed picture.

Fresh Cow Reports

By Rachel Gardner 1 years ago

The transition period is the most critical time in a cow’s lactation due to its lasting effect on the subsequent lactation. It can be one of the biggest bottlenecks on farm and one of the best places to find opportunity for improved herd performance.