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September 2018

ELIXIR - a revolution in early life nutrition - What do we need to know?

By Jessica Yeomans, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 2 years ago

At UK Dairy Day last week Wynnstay launched the first in a category of Energised calf milk replacers: ELIXIR. Specifically formulated for optimal development, resilience to disease and improved longevity, ELIXIR is a revolution in early life nutrition.

Dairy Farm Mineral Audit

By Steve Brown 2 years ago

Although minerals only account for about 5% of total ruminant nutrition they have a disproportionate role in supporting energy and protein yielding nutrients required to maintain animal health, fertility and production.

Extending Depleted Forage Stocks

By Wynnstay Dairy Technical Services 2 years ago

It’s been a difficult season to say the least! The drought of 2018 has had a drastic effect on forage stocks which have been reserved for winter feeding with Dry Matter (DM) yields of grass on farm estimated to be down up to 50% compared to 2017.

Re-Seeding After Maize

By Adam Simper 2 years ago

In a year where forage shortages are a major concern, it is important to utilise every acre to maximise forage opportunities and minimise the reliance on costly bought in feed.

My Nuffield Journey

By Iwan Vaughan 2 years ago

The last two years have flown by!! In 18 months, I visited 14 countries and boarded 45 flights. With all my travelling done, and the report handed in, waiting to be published, I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and findings with the industry.

Get Ready for Maize Harvest

By Mark Price 2 years ago

With Maize crops looking forward in most areas, it is time to be thinking about maize harvest. Maize on many farms this winter and through into next year, will make up more of the ration than ever and with feed prices at record highs, getting the crop off and clamped in the best condition possible is a must.

Fertiliser Update - September 2018

By Dave Mitchell 2 years ago

At the time of writing, Urea prices have firmed leading to a further Nitrogen increase in the last week, both CF and Yara are now offering terms on Nitrogen through to December.