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March 2018

Boosting metabolise protein in lactating diets

By Iwan Vaughan 2 years ago

Protein is a key factor in a lactating cow’s diet, crude protein (CP) is the common way to express the level of protein within a diet, this as the name says is very ‘crude’ and is only a measure of the nitrogen without taking account of quality or true protein within the diet.

AminoMatch Nutrition

By Huw McConochie 2 years ago

The AminoMatch nutritional approach is based on characterising the amino acid profile of your forage and then reducing dietary crude protein (CP) levels by ensuring an adequate supply of the first limiting amino acids; methionine and lysine.

Making management your farm's focus

By Wynnstay Arable Team 2 years ago

These top ten tips from arable & forage managers; Dr Simon Pope (Agronomy), Dave Mitchell (Fertiliser) and Adam Simper (Seed) will help you to maximise on-farm margins from grassland forage in 2018.

Group Change Causes Social Turmoil = Reduction in DMI

By Rachel Gardner 2 years ago

Cows are often moved between groups in accordance with their management needs. During each move, the cow needs to re-establish her rank within the groups pecking order. The cows’ rank is associated with their age, body size and seniority of the cow i.e. a heifer in her first lactation will be of low rank.

Bringing Your Beef Calves Home

By Eimear Diamond, Regional Sales Manager 2 years ago

In my last blog we discussed how to choose the correct beef calf for your system. Today we will have a look at some hints and tips for bringing those calves home.

Can we feed cows like they do in the States?

By Iwan Vaughan 2 years ago

As part of my Nuffield Farming Scholarship I have been travelling the globe to research, first hand, my topic of ‘Increasing Rumen Nitrogen Efficiency in UK Dairy Production’. It has taken me to the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Do we have the correct cow in the UK?

By Iwan Vaughan 2 years ago

As part of my Nuffield Farming Scholarship I have been researching my topic: ‘Increasing Rumen Nitrogen Efficiency in UK Dairy Production’. But are there other ways to improve overall feed efficiency? This blog follows my thoughts as I visited some key North American dairy units.

Thank You British Farmers

By Mille Hendy, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 2 years ago

Writing blogs is something that one day will come completely natural to me and other days I will be sitting in front of the computer screen not knowing where to start.

Today is one of those days where I have spent all morning searching for inspiration and something interesting but not succeeding.

Fertiliser Market Update (March 2018)

By Anna.Roberts 2 years ago

While it may feel some way off as we experience yet another very cold spell, spring is rapidly approaching and fertiliser purchasing activity is likely to increase across grassland regions of the UK.