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October 2017

Effective grassland management improving yield

By Wynnstay Arable Team 2 years ago

The importance of good grassland management and its impact on cow productivity is often overlooked, but one Cheshire farmer is making it a priority, and seeing improvements in milk yields as a result.

Early maturing maize matters

By Wynnstay Arable Team 2 years ago

The benefits of using an early maturing variety were showcased at a maize open day in Bangor-On-Dee, where farmers had the opportunity to view some of the 6,000 trial plots at the site.

Winter wheat varieties - movers and shakers in 2017

By Richard.Torr 2 years ago

This season has been a mixed bag for growers with unsettled weather and mixed yield and quality results at harvest.

Wynnstay partners with dynamic software company, Muddy Boots

By Wynnstay Arable Team 2 years ago

New cutting-edge platform to improve margin over input costs

Managing parasites for productivity during housing

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 2 years ago

Housing provides an opportunity to address the range of parasites picked up over the grazing season, to maximise cattle health and productivity over the winter.

Efficient fertiliser use is key to feeding growing population

By Dave Mitchell 2 years ago

The important role that crop nutrition plays in supplying the growing population has been highlighted by World Fertiliser Day on 13 October.

Rapid rumen development with Wynnstay AdVance Starter Feeds

By Millie Hendy, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 2 years ago

The main goal for rearing healthy calves successfully and economically is to encourage development of the calf's rumen, enabling digestion of solid feeds and reducing their nutritional dependence on milk.

Options for late drilling and spring 2018

By Wynnstay Arable Team 2 years ago

Two very useful wheats which are well suited to the October/ November drilling window are:

The importance of trace element nutrition pre-tupping

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team 2 years ago

Grazing alone cannot always be relied upon to maximise ewe and ram fertility. We should not be complacent about mineral and trace element deficiencies pre-tupping, which is an important time of the flock reproduction cycle.

Measuring the success of a maize crop

By Simon Pope 2 years ago

Maize is one of the most valuable forms of home-grown forage when grown, managed, harvested and fed correctly. It is only at this time of year, just before harvest, that we can accurately assess how successful the crop has been and identify whether issues exist which can be corrected to get even better results in future. Also at this time of year we get the first indication of the likely feed quality. Consequently, many will be looking at what makes a profitable maize crop and whether 2017 has been a successful season.