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July 2017

Seed Treatments for 2017

By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

With harvest now underway, many of you will be considering which seed varieties to drill this autumn. This also means it's the perfect time to consider which seed treatments to use.

Richard Torr’s Harvest Update 2017

By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

The 2017 harvest will most likely go down as the year where crops were ‘almost very good’, but the recent hot, dry spell of weather has meant that some have tripped at the last hurdle.

Reseeding your old leys this autumn

By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

If you didn’t look at reseeding last spring, this autumn could be an ideal time to invest in your forage quality.

Nuffield: Germany - Intensive Agriculture with State of the Art Technology.

By Iwan Vaughan 3 years ago

The third stage of our Global Focus Programme (GFP) brought me back to Europe and to Germany. It was a great cultural experience travelling through Asia, however it’s only for so long you can eat with chopsticks and I was looking forward to the western food again; the week in Germany saw many a pork schnitzel and pork knuckle and a few Steins to wash it down!!

What can we learn from the Canadians on Milk Solids?

By Huw McConochie 3 years ago

On a recent trip to Canada visiting dairy farms the first thing that struck me was the quantity of milk solids produced by their high yielding herds. I thought this warranted further investigation. As you are all aware the Canadian dairy industry operates a quota system based on butterfat production, but in addition there is a stipulation that a minimum differential between fat and protein must be maintained.

How to body condition score ewes?

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team 3 years ago

In order to increase performance in any flock, it is important to consider regular body condition scoring (BCS) in order to identify any drastic changes in ewe condition not noticeable through observation alone.

Monitoring growth to enable expression of full genetic potential

By Millie Hendy, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 3 years ago

Recording the growth rate of young stock provides valuable information. It is also an indirect method of monitoring the efficiency of feed conversion. Meeting growth rate targets will ensure maximum return on your investment.

Spotlight on...KWS Zyatt

By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

NEW for 2017/18 - High yielding Group 1 Winter Wheat

The importance of Selenium and Iodine in the growing foetus and young calf

By Sandy.Wilson 3 years ago

The profitability of any beef or dairy enterprise is driven by performance. This starts with conception of the calf. As a calf specialist, I believe we should be improving tomorrow’s herd, today. If we take a step back and concentrate on the growing foetus, this is where all our efforts should be focused.