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May 2017

Focus on Septoria Tritici

By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

2017 is certainly a big year for plant breeders, with 11 new winter wheat varieties gaining recommendation onto to the AHDB Recommended List. Whilst this makes for a potentially confusing list of wheat varieties to choose from, it demonstrates a very strong and important development form the breeding industry.

Show season is here...

By Millie Hendy, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 3 years ago

1st of May has been and gone and the summer shows are upon us, a ‘window shop’ opportunity to show off your stock whilst socialising and meeting fellow breeders. This is the only time of year where my regular spray tan, cut and colour, and trip to the nail salon will be replaced with numerous hours of shampooing, blow drying and clipping the all-important show team.

Straw is for bedding, not feeding.

By Huw McConochie 3 years ago

Nothing stimulates a discussion better than bringing someone in with totally different views. And that’s just what happened when we met up with Jud Henrichs this week. The greatest benefit of this is the willingness to question the status quo and come up with new ideas and alternative strategies. Jud is as we know a passionate advocate of early weaning but it was not that issue that will form the basis of this blog.

Competitive new season fertiliser prices released

By Dave Mitchell 3 years ago

The new season nitrogen market has opened, with a 25% drop on UK Nitram prices.

Prime Beef – the Key to Healthy Beef Calves

By Eimear Diamond, Regional Sales Manager 3 years ago

This year has seen the launch of our milk powder that has been specifically designed and formulated for beef calves – Prime Beef.

Prime Beef is a high quality whey based powder, a high 22% protein content promoting good growth rates, and a lower 17% oil rate to drive early concentrate intake.

Jess' Diary - Serving Heifers

By Jessica Charlton 3 years ago

Give priority to serving heifers.

Make your silage go the extra mile

By Simon Pope 3 years ago

Use of silage additive can greatly increase the efficiency of the fermentation in the clamp, minimising waste and maximising the nutritional value of the preserved forage.

NSA Welsh Sheep - Visit our stand!

By CorrinaJeffreys 3 years ago

Wynnstay will be exhibiting at this year’s NSA Welsh Sheep Event at Llwyn Bedw, Talybont on Usk, Brecon on 16th May 2017.

Wynnstay's Forage Workshops

By Alasdair Taylor 3 years ago

Wynnstay’s Forage workshops commenced on Wednesday 19th  April at Court Farm in Gloucester and were followed by two further dates at Langdon Mill, Pembrokeshire  and Ffordd Las Ruthin. Although this is a particularly busy time of year all days were well received with a good turnout.

Sulphur - The Secret to Maximising Silage Potential

By Dave Mitchell 3 years ago

It’s widely recognised that the amount of sulphur available to grass crops is decreasing, therefore applying sulphur-containing fertilisers can induce a marked yield response in silage crops. It’s now a given that most grassland is deficient in sulphur and that there’s a need to use sulphur-containing fertilisers on grassland in many parts of the UK, to see big differences to dry matter yields.