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April 2017

Dose now to keep cattle on target!

By Sandy.Wilson 3 years ago

Rearing a calf can be 3 months of hard work, and having produced a good weaned calf it’s important it has a chance to grow on well at pasture.  It is important to promote fast, efficient growth by providing the young ruminant with some form of protection against lungworm and gut worms, such as Parasitic gastroenteritis (PGE).

Welsh Government Farm Business Grant Information

By anna.roberts 3 years ago

The Welsh Government have announced that a Farm Business Grant will be available to help farmers in Wales improve the economic and environmental performance of their agricultural holdings. It is designed to allow farmers to invest in equipment and machinery that have been pre-identified as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to farm enterprises; providing a 40% contribution.

Kicking off the Nuffield Experience (Part 2)

By Iwan Vaughan 3 years ago

Once the CSC in Brazilia was over we had another few days to see more of Brazil and the agricultural enterprises at work. To finish off the trip to Brazil a smaller group of 14 of us headed west to the state of Mato Grosso for 5 days, this state had developed over the last 40-50 years from unproductive, low fertile land to one of the most productive regions for producing food in the world. With the main crops for the state being soyabean, maize, cotton and beef, it was interesting to see the vast scale and potential to increase production further in the region, and how this could potentially affect the world markets for these commodities.

Kicking off the Nuffield Experience! (Part 1)

By Iwan Vaughan 3 years ago

So it began! I left home on the 5th of March with a covering of snow on the ground, leaving the lambing behind and very little grass growth. My Nuffield adventure had started and for the next 12 months sitting in airport and living out of a backpack is my new reality.

Stress Over Scour?

By Millie Hendy, Calf & Youngstock Specialist 3 years ago

Calf scour is one of the biggest health issues in youngstock causing serious financial losses. 70% of farmers have seen scour in calves under six months of age during the previous 12 months and more than 40% of producers have lost animals to the disease over the same period.

Gamecover season is here

By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

Gamecover season is upon us, therefore we have created a short guide to achieving the best crop for your shoot.

Exploiting the true value of fibrous feeds

By Mark Price 3 years ago

Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF), the fibrous fraction of feed, intakes and milk yield from a ration, along with being a vital factor in rumen health and maintaining constituent quality of milk.

Quality, advice and competitions: Grassland & Muck 2017

By Wynnstay Arable Team 3 years ago

Delivering a proven return on investment from quality mixtures will be the hot topic on the Wynnstay stand at this year’s Grassland and Muck event.

Worm Control with Panacur

By Ceri 3 years ago

Planned worm control with Panacur® Bolus saves money. Waiting until clinical signs are seen in youngstock – such as weight loss, scours and dehydration – means that production losses are already stacking up. 

Encouraging Early Weaning

By Sandy.Wilson 3 years ago

Water is an essential nutrient which is often over looked as a vital component of calf rearing. It accounts for three quarters of the young animal’s bodyweight so it is essential to ensure that a young animal has an adequate water supply at their disposal.