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February 2017

Global impact keeping UK fertiliser AN prices steady

By Pinstone 3 years ago

UK nitrogen prices have seen a 40 to 50% increase compared to July 2016. This is largely due to global factors, especially urea pricing.

Grazing and how to support it

By Mark Price 3 years ago

Grazing is about to increase as the spring approaches, making it time to think about how we use supplementary feed to make the most of grazed grass.

With grass the cheapest feed available to cows, any kind of supplementation must complement, not restrict, grazing – balancing limitations in grass to improve on farm margins.

The calving yard and the newborn calf

By Jessica Charlton 3 years ago

It’s that time of year again for many farmers; the steady winter period has passed and calves are appearing more frequently on the ground – especially true for the block calving herds. With spring just around the corner, there is no better time to give your calving yard a spring clean!

Wynnstay forage event at Leominster store – 23rd Feb

By Pinstone 3 years ago

Visit the Leominster store on Thursday 23rd February to discuss all things forage – from free bespoke advice from Wynnstay specialists, to one-off offers on selected forage input products.

Managing the Spring Born Calf

By Tom Stephensons 3 years ago

With calving in full swing across the UK, there will inevitably be immense pressures on transition cows, new born calves, the environment they are in and the staff managing the herds. Due to the nature of a tight spring calving pattern dry cow/calving pens are often overstocked at peak, creating inadequate conditions for the calf to be born into, having a detrimental effect on both transition cows and the new arrival.

Housing Young Calves

By Wynnstay Calf & Youngstock Team 3 years ago

All too often young calves are placed in housing somewhere that is just either convenient for feeding, or unsuitable for larger cattle rather than in a facility designed for their specific needs. In this blog we will discuss the particular needs of young calves and highlight the importance of hygiene on a milk-fed system.

Making maize decisions in 2017

By Pinstone 3 years ago

Maize is proving to be a popular cropping choice for UK farmers, with recent figures suggesting over 170,000ha were grown in the UK in 2016, a 6% increase since 2012.