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January 2017

Spring calving: importance of transitional period

By Huw McConochie 3 years ago

As spring calving herds steam full speed ahead towards calving, it is worth taking the time to check if we are doing everything we can in order to reduce the incidence of transition diseases. These will have a negative effect on production and fertility.

Focus On Animal Health

By Ceri 3 years ago

Animal health is a key aspect in any enterprise and with lambing season already beginning in some areas, take a proactive approach to maximise ewe and lamb performance. The majority of lamb losses occur during the first 48 hours of life, but this could be avoided by focusing on ewe and lamb nutrition.

Forage and feed waste – keep it under control

By Martin 3 years ago

It is estimated that 5-30% of feed and forage purchased and produced on dairy farms will be lost annually. Those farmers who keep good records will have an idea of the amount of feed actually fed out at all times but, even then, actual feed loss is still occurring. Unless records are kept how do we even start to quantify this on farm and, worse still, how do we know what it is costing us?

Paul Crump maize market update

By Pinstone 3 years ago

We’ve had a fantastic start to our 2017 maize campaign, as customer confidence runs high following the bumper 2016 season.

Managing Surplus Lambs in 2017

By Ceri 3 years ago

With this year's lambing season just around the corner, we look at the best way to manage your surplus lambs in 2017. Exploring environmental and economic factors that could provide you with the advice you need to make the most of this year's lamb crop. 

Dosing Regime For Housing - Cattle

By Ceri 3 years ago

A comprehensive dosing regime at housing is critical to remove worm and fluke infections, ensuring freedom from disease and maximum productivity of animals throughout the winter housing period. In addition, lice and mite burdens are removed, preventing rapid spread to others during close contact when housed.

Nuffield Scholarship to explore protein feeding

By Iwan Vaughan 3 years ago

I was very honoured and privileged to be chosen as one of 19 people from the UK to be presented as a Nuffield Farming Scholar for 2017, in Newcastle in late November, at the Nuffield Annual Conference.

Focus On Sheep Scab

By Ceri 3 years ago

Sheep scab is caused by Psoroptes ovis, a non-burrowing, surface-feeding mite, costing the UK sheep industry annually around £8.3 million, including £0.8 million in reduced animal performance [1].