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October 2016

Making the most of quality forage - the job is only half done?

By Mark Price 4 years ago

Whatever the production system, there is a strong correlation between milk from forage and profitability of milk production. Every 1,000 litres increase in milk from forage will be worth around £100 of gross margin per cow. Put simply, the more forage fed per cow per day, the more margin can be retained per litre of milk produced. This is due to the function of ruminants and their unique ability to harness energy from fibre and its cost advantage against feeding concentrates. The more efficient this process can be, the more margin can be made per milk sale.

Soil sample fields to insure your crops

By Pinstone 4 years ago

With crops drilled, and the current low fertiliser prices, now is the ideal time to soil sample and assess the nutrients levels of your fields.

Bumper yields finish off perfect season for maize growers

By Pinstone 4 years ago

With maize harvest in full swing, 2016 seems to be living up to the bumper year as predicted.

Video: New exciting maize variety explained

By Pinstone 4 years ago

Tim Richmond, Limagrain UK's Maize Product Manager explains the key agronomic features of new maize variety, Reason.

Silage Watch - 4th October 2016

By Steve Brown 4 years ago

Wholecrop Cereal and Grass Silage Update