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May 2016

The Truth About Lactic Acid

By Huw McConochie 4 years ago

Lactic Acids Theories

Changeable weather makes fertiliser predictions difficult

By Dave Mitchell 4 years ago

With extremes in weather conditions making forward planning challenging, many UK farmers will find grassland fertiliser requirements difficult to predict.

Agronomist blog from North Yorkshire 20/5/16

By Carl Taylor 4 years ago

Well what a year!

Johne’s - Could your herd be wasting away?

By Will Astley 4 years ago

Johne’s: Do you have a problem?

Grass Watch - May 2016

By Steve Brown 4 years ago

Grass Watch Update for Week Commencing 13th May 2016

GrassWatch Report 2016 - May

By Steve Brown 4 years ago

The improved temperatures this week have increased average grass growth rate, which has accelerated to 81 kg DM/ha/day up 40 kg DM/ha/day from last week.

Choosing The Right Applicator

By Ceri 4 years ago

Having the right applicator whether injecting, drenching or pouring on is critical to overall good treatment result. The risks using the wrong applicators are many and following a few small guidelines can improve your animal health practice.

Starch, Propionate, and Glucose – “But, hey, what about Lactic acid?”

By Huw McConochie 4 years ago

Most nutritionists and dairymen are driven by the need to supply our dairy cows with more and more starch as a fuel for milk production.

Agronomist blog from North Yorkshire 9/5/16

By Carl Taylor 4 years ago

This time last week I had numerous layers of clothing on to keep the cold, rain, sleet and snow out. This week the opposite! A short sleeved shirt on, and if I could get away with it shorts! What a difference the sun makes, everybody seems happier and have a smile on their face.

Strategic Rationing: thinking beyond price per tonne

By Mark Price 4 years ago

With unprecedented pressure on dairy finances, it is all too easy to look at cheaper alternatives to the biggest cost on farm - feed.