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February 2016

Managing Mastitis and Reducing Antibiotic Use within Dairying

By Stuart Miles 4 years ago

With resistance to antibiotics becoming more and more prominent within the news, farmers and processors are being urged to think more about antibiotic usage on farm to help try and combat the problem. Some milk processors are already stipulating that ‘blanket’ antibiotic treatments cannot be used at drying off; others I’m sure will follow.

New scheme helps farmers identify maize varieties potential winners.

By Wynnstay Arable Team 4 years ago

The Limagrain Animal Nutrition (LGAN) Accreditation scheme identifies varieties with the combination of attributes that will deliver superior milk production.

High Starch Diets For Beef Finishers

By Steve Brown 4 years ago

Finishing beef cattle on high starch diets has many known benefits not least being increased growth rate. With the current price of cereal feeds, it is currently an economical approach which can also improve carcass conformation and hence give higher returns per kilo.

So, What are Fever Tags and how could they benefit me?

By Naomi Walters 4 years ago

Introduction to Naomi

Maize Lessons from 2015

By Simon Pope 4 years ago

It would be fair to describe the 2015 growing season as being ‘challenging’ as far as forage maize production was concerned!

Pre-Lambing Vaccination

By Ceri 4 years ago

Regular vaccination of your ewes throughout the year is a very important part of flock management. Never is it more important than in the period prior to lambing, this is crucial for ewe's producing colostrum to pass on immunity to newborn lambs. 

Importance of Pre-lambing Feeding

By Iwan Vaughan 4 years ago

Pre-season preparation is key to minimising problems, reducing losses and achieving a higher lamb yield per ewe, which eventually will lead to improved daily liveweight gain and increased margin. With lower lamb prices last season, there should be no shortcuts taken ahead of the current crop of lambs.

Fertility in Dairy Cows - The Bigger Picture - Part 2

By Will Astley 4 years ago

Transition Management-The silent killer