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January 2016

Lambing Guide 2016

By Ceri 4 years ago

Lambing time is a crucial period for sheep farmers. Maximising the health and productivity of the future flock is vital to the success and sustainability of your farm. Preparation is key; therefore our sheep production team has produced this guide providing technical and product support for every stage of the lambing process.

Amazing Maize!

By Mark Price 4 years ago

Maize is becoming an ever more common crop, grown across all types of sites. As dairy businesses grow and farms specialise, maize is fast becoming the crop of choice to grow on contract, sell on or the best way of utilising extra ground and for good reason.

Healthy Soil is Key for Quality Forage Production

By Huw McConochie 4 years ago

Maximising milk from forage is the key to improved margins.

DTSmetrics - Helping your herd perform better!

By Wynnstay Dairy News 4 years ago

It is now 7 years since Alex Bach (2008) characterised the most influential non-nutritional factors that accounted for over half the variation in milk production levels between herds fed the same diet and of similar genetic merit. Most dairies however, are still not recognising all these factors as being significant, and applying management changes to address them. Don’t forget Ken Nordland and his team outlined important factors that affect transition outcome, and the implications of certain heifer rearing parameters on profitability were highlighted by Jessica Cooke?

Measuring Performance and Intakes

By Iwan Vaughan 4 years ago

The Williams family from Gwythrian, Aberdaron, have seen dramatic improvemIMG_0564ents in carcass weight gain by controlling costs, predominantly monitoring DLWG and intakes to improve performance and efficiency. Alan Williams farms with his wife Catrin and three sons, Dafydd, Will and Ieuan, at Gwythrian. Alan has seen a huge benefit in monitoring animal performance through each stage of beef production. Along with monitoring animal performance, intakes and costs are controlled after purchasing their Keenan 320 Mech Fibre.