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December 2015

Future of Ruminant Nutrition

By Ceri 4 years ago

Good ruminant function is vital if we are going to get the best performance out of ruminant livestock. As such understanding how the rumen functions and adopting appropriate feeding strategies is central to nutritional advice and diet formulation.

Colostrum Management - Fuel of Life

By Wynnstay Agriculture 4 years ago

Colostrum is the first feed for the newborn lamb and the key to survival. It’s a highly nutritious energy source which helps the lamb to maintain body temperature and survive; it also contains antibodies which are vital to help protect the newborn lamb against disease. Feeding sufficient good quality colostrum immediately after birth will reduce losses from both hypothermia and disease. It’s critical to carefully feed your in-lamb ewes in order to stimulate the production of quality colostrum and ensure lambs get the best start in life.

Fertility in Dairy Cows-The Bigger Picture

By Will Astley 4 years ago

During this series of articles I shall be exploring the most important driver of herd productivity; herd fertility.

Challenge Dairy Open Day

By Rebecca Richards 4 years ago

18 months on and following a successful 12 months, the Challenge Dairy initiative has come to an end. The initiative proved a huge success and the family have decided to continue to use the services of all those involved, as part of their tool kit for success.Challenge Dairy Open Day at Plasgwyn Farm

Treat Quickly to Minimise Production Losses from Lungworm

By CorrinaJeffreys 4 years ago

Lungworm Development Diagram

Treating lungworm infection swiftly and effectively in beef and dairy cattle is vital to help prevent major losses in productivity, according to Merial Animal Health.