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November 2015

Balancing Maize This Winter

By Stuart Miles 4 years ago

Large variation in this year’s forage maize is being reported on farm. Low DM, low starch, high lactic acid content, and high starch degradability in the fresh crop are the problems facing farmers. What implications does this have for the cow or more importantly the rumen environment and what can be done to balance this type of forage?

Stocktrace Android App

By Wynnstay Agriculture 4 years ago

The new Android App, developed by StockTrace, was showcased at the Wynnstay Sheep and Beef Event at Welshpool on 14th August and received great acclaim.

The StockTrace App combines the power of their Linx software with the flexibility of a mobile App. It works with all the best Bluetooth EID readers and makes flock and herd management both easy and very affordable. In the Sheep and Beef industry, where price instability seems never ending, maximising animal performance is an essential ingredient for survival

Prepare 80/20

By Huw McConochie 4 years ago

The role of managing transition cows has never been more important; ensuring a smooth transition into the milking herd. Anything we can do to minimise clinical and sub-clinical diseases, soon pays for itself with milk fever reported to cost £150 per case, retained cleansing £100 and Ketosis £90 in the short-term. The long term effects in terms of fertility, lactation yield and mortality mean recoverable costs can soon be £5000 per 100 cows on farm. With current pressure on dairy margins, this is a cost many farmers can ill afford. Ensuring a successful transition every time means adhering to a few simple guidelines.

Sheep Identification Legislation Changes - Wales

By Wynnstay Agriculture 4 years ago

Sheep identification legislation is changing in Wales from January the 1st 2016. Sheep kept beyond 12 months of age or lambs intended for live export, must be identified with one Electronic tag and one Visual tag – both tags must have your unique flock mark (with a zero in front) followed by a five digit animal number.

Forage Making – Applying the Theory of Constraints

By Huw McConochie 4 years ago

Forage quality is still a significant bottle neck on most dairy units but with good planning and communication with the forage making team or contractor the situation can be improved. No matter what level of herd milk yield, margins are still directly linked to milk yield from forage.

Store Lamb Finishing

By Iwan Vaughan 4 years ago

In order to achieve maximum economic returns from lambs this autumn/winter, sheep farmers need to plan production and resources to decide how to finish the lambs or sell them as stores to meet the requirements of the chosen market.

Non Nutritional factors; Are we providing our cows with the right environment?

By Huw McConochie 4 years ago

Day in day out I put together ration after ration designed to try and maximise milk production, health and fertility. In reality there is very little variation in the nutrient profile of these diets. Although the forage quality between farms vary, the biggest likely cause of variation will be the environment, management or the non-nutritional factors associated with the cows environment.

Live Yeast & Buffers in Beef Animals

By Ceri 4 years ago

Whether beef prices are on the up or on the way down, it is always possible to improve returns by increasing efficiency. The use of Biosprint live yeast in beef diets can help to do just that; the benefits include reduced cost per kilo live weight gain, a reduction in the overall feed bill and a faster turnaround of animals.