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August 2015

Sheep and Beef Event 2015

By Ceri 4 years ago

Farmers at Wynnstay’s Sheep & Beef Event held at Welshpool Livestock Market on Friday, 14th August were advised by key note speakers that teamwork across the supply chain will help beef and sheep producers drive efficiencies and future-proof their businesses.

Wynnstay Turbo Start

By Ceri 4 years ago

As part of our ongoing research to ensure that our customers get the best returns from their calves we are introducing a new milk powder - Wynngold Turbo Start

Treat For Fluke This Summer

By CorrinaJeffreys 4 years ago

In order to maintain adequate growth rates throughout the grazing season, and to reduce the risk of chronic disease going into the peak risk period of winter,treatments should be included in a strategic liver fluke control program for at-risk cattle duringClosamectin Pour Ong the summer grazing season.

Introducing British Made Wynngold Turbo Start!

By Wynnstay Dairy News 4 years ago

Turbo Start 26% 17%

Tips For Reseeding

By CorrinaJeffreys 4 years ago

The Steps of Reseeding

Ewes, Better Use of Forage

By CorrinaJeffreys 4 years ago

Lleyn Sheep - Ewe Forage Lleyn Sheep 

Farmers who give their ewes a trace element bolus a month before tupping are achieving tighter lambing periods.

Selenium, cobalt, iodine and copper are all production limiters if not supplemented properly.