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July 2015

Clear Out Adult Liver Flukes In Your Milking Dairy Cows

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

Once your milking cows have been housed for the winter there’s an opportunity to clear out any adult liver flukes that could be limiting performance. This also has the benefit of reducing the potential level of pasture contamination next spring.

Reducing Costs of Sheep Lameness

By Wynnstay Animal Health Team 5 years ago

Lameness can pose huge economic losses to your flock. Wynnstay can provide you with the advice that you need in order to reduce lameness.

Beef Steers on Kale

By CorrinaJeffreys 5 years ago

A trial investigating the production of bolused beef steers grazing grass and kale has demonstrated that trace element supplementation allows livestock to maximise the energy and protein in these crops.