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June 2015

Make the Most of Computerised Feeding

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

The concept of computerised feeding is brilliant. The machine can be programmed for any type of calf, in a group or as an individual, and you can choose from many different milk powders and feed at any rate. Some even dispense 50% whole milk. Weaning is gradual and it’s almost like having a mechanical cow.

Introducing the "Lifestart" Concept

By Wynnstay Dairy News 5 years ago

The wrong food at the wrong time can result in significant health, digestive and growth problems. The calf is no different and until the rumen is functioning properly (35 – 60 days), milk is the food needed to sustain the calf.

Calving Alert Improves Care of Cow & Calf

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

New technology not only allows extra supervision at calving time, but also makes sure either fresh or frozen colostrum is delivered in the first two hours of life. Two herds give a very positive report on using the latest calving alert technology.

Effective Fly Control Ensures Cattle Can Keep their Noses to the Ground

By Wynnstay Dairy News 5 years ago

The season for cattle flies can start as early as April in some areas, which is important as flies can cause significant production losses for dairy and beef cattle.
Flies are more than just a nuisance for both livestock and people causing irritation, stress and serious effects on productivity via reduced weight gain and reduction of milk yields. Flies are also responsible for the spread of significant cattle diseases such as summer mastitis, salmonella and New Forest Eye (Moraxella bovis).