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May 2015

Advanced Calf Starter Feeds

By Wynnstay Dairy News 5 years ago

Discover Wynnstay's range of calf starter feeds, speak to your local Calf & Youngstock specialist for more information.

Getting the Measure of Grass

By Wynnstay Dairy News 5 years ago

Measuring sward height is beneficial in set-stocking, strip grazing and semi-rotational systems. By working to grazing height targets, you can increase grass utilisation by around 10-15% and promote more high quality grass growth later in the season. When grass falls below target height, move stock on to new area, or tighten up the grazing area when height moves above target.

Get Tough with Thistles

By Wynnstay Dairy News 5 years ago

Thistles come a close second to docks in the list of most troublesome perennial weeds in grassland. The most common thistle species in the UK are spear thistle and creeping thistle.