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April 2015

Options For Wireworm Control In Maize

By Dr Simon Pope 5 years ago

Maize growers must weigh up the risks posed on their farm when considering whether or not to use Sonido treated seed. Wireworms are the larvae of the Click Beetle. Butter yellow to golden-brown in colour and up to 25mm in length, they have a thin body and three pairs of legs behind the head. Established grassland allows wireworm numbers to increase and when swards are cultivated the pest can pose a significant risk to following crops for up to three years.

Are you getting the best from your silage?

By Wynnstay Dairy News 5 years ago

Read our top 20 tips for producing top quality silage this season.

Weed Control In Newly Sown Leys

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

Establishing a new ley is an expensive business so it is important to ensure it establishes evenly and rapidly to be as productive as possible.

Fewer Worms, Better Growth Rates in Cattle

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

Making best use of grazing in 2015 is a must for rearers of all types of growing cattle…dairy heifers, suckler beef calves and pasture-based finishers alike. Now is a good time to start planning how to protect what you value.

Case Study - High Yielding Danish Dairies

By Steve Brown 5 years ago

What's the "Secret"?

Kindly sponsored by Trouw Nutrition GB, Calvex and Holm & Laue, the Wynnstay Technical Team recently undertook a short visit to Denmark to a number of leading dairy and calf units.

Tip Top Teats

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

Fresh grass and bright sunshine seem to bring that little bit extra out of the cows; they clean up, are easier to see bulling and lose that dull appearance and sad demeanour from winter. So all appears well – but is it really? The onset of summer brings challenges of its own, one of which is the increase in SCCs always reported by National Milk Records (NMR).

Staphylococcus Aureus - The Cowman's Curse

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

Protecting your dairy cows from mastitis is easier said than done, particularly when you consider the difficult nature of some very hard to kill bacteria. This is the cowman’s curse. Mention mastitis-causing bacteria and a few BIG names spring to mind, Staphylococcus aureus being one of the most prominent in most people’s minds.

Looking Towards Turnout

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

You will still occasionally hear people say that grazing cows is no good for their fertility, but that is to misunderstand the drivers of fertility in dairy cattle. Many spring calving herds achieve excellent fertility at grass, and like so many things the key is to manage your expectations and your cows accordingly.

DairyCo 0 3 Qs of Colostrum Management

By Wynnstay Dairy Team 5 years ago

Watch the latest video from DairyCo, on the 3 Qs of colostrum management.