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Grass Watch Report - 18th July 2016

By Steve Brown 3 years ago

Grass Watch - Feed Matters

Grass growth has continued to decline this week to 61 kg DM/ha/day, down 6 kg DM/ha/day in comparison to last week. This is also 19 kg DM/ha/day lower than the same week in 2015. With declining growth rates it will be important to closely monitor grass supply and herd demand. Rotation length should be the first area to address, with a growth rate of 50-70 kg DM/ha/day a rotation length of 20-21 days should be targeted.

Potential milk yield from grazing has fallen this week to M+ 11.1 litres, down 2.8 litres in comparison to last week. This has been mainly influenced by a reduction in potential grass DM intake, which has fallen by 1.6 kg DM/day in comparison to last week. The fall in potential grass DM intake can be explained by an increase in the spoilage factor and reducing available grazing hours.

Average crude protein has continued to fall this week to 21.67%, closer to the 2015 average of 20.9% and 6 year average of 20.8%.  Continued focus on rotation length, supplementation level and energy and protein balance will be important, particularly under the current conditions of declining grass growth.

Summary by Steve Brown, Report Supplied by Trouw Nutrition

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