Biosprint® Live Yeast 25kg

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Biosprint® is a unique strain of live yeast which can be used to improve rumen function and feed conversion efficiency. Safe and simple to use Biosprint® is available as a farm mix or added into complementary feeding stuffs so can easily be incorporated into the diet.

  • Unique strain of live yeast

  • Generates extra live weight gain

  • For use in dairy, beef and sheep

Product Description


  • Increases milk yield by up to 2L per head/day
  • Improves rumen function for better utilisation of forage
  • Stimulates appetite for efficient, profitable production
  • Research proven
  • Improves feed conversion efficiency
  • Saves feed and reduces costs
  • 8% increase in DLWG, in all growing and finishing stock
  • Improves finishing for a great return on your investment
  • Helps maintain a more stable rumen pH
  • For optimal feed digestion

Additional Information

Additional Information

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