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The Autumn Seeds Brochure 2018 includes information and advice on the latest cereal seed varieties, as well as informative articles on key topic areas for the coming season. 

Autumn Seeds Brochure


Yield is often the main driver of profitability and it is pleasing to see that for autumn 2018 there are new varieties available to increase yield potential in almost every category.

The most obvious development comes in the new hard feed wheat variety RGT Gravity, which brings a new standard for yield in every position on the farm. RGT Gravity is the top yielding variety on the AHDB UK Recommended List. It is top in each region of the UK, it is top for 1st wheat and top for 2nd wheat, it is top on light land and top for heavy land too…that is quite exceptional! There is also a new high yielding biscuit wheat and new names at the top of the soft feed wheat table, so many opportunities exist to push yields in the right direction.

In winter barley, the 6-row hybrid, Belmont, brings extra yield in 2018 and also offers a grain quality that is genuinely comparable to 2-row varieties. With disappointing winter barley yields for the last few years, Belmont could help to improve returns. We expect Surge to be the pick of the 2-row varieties.

In oilseed rape, whilst Campus is likely to be our best-selling conventional variety, there are a few new hybrids that should potentially improve output. Hunivers has a huge yield potential and is the highest yielding hybrid on the ‘Candidate List’ and for those looking for a very strong agronomic package the semi-dwarf, DK Secret, has a lot to offer. The area sown to Clearfield® types looks set to increase again in 2018. This is partly as a tool to combat serious weed issues but also as a method of reducing the threat of high euricic acid contamination of oilseed rape heaps, a continuing headache for farmers and the trade alike.

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