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The Autumn Seeds Brochure 2019 includes information and advice on the latest cereal seed varieties, as well as informative articles on key topic areas for the coming season. 

Autumn Seeds Brochure


This year there are some exciting new additions to the recommended list which have raised the bar either in terms of yield or disease resistance. There will be new challenges with the loss of Deter (clothianidin) and chlorothalonil (for ramularia and Septoria tritici), but it is pleasing to see particularly on the latter that this year we have the variety with the highest septoria tritici resistance ever seen, along with others with very good resistance.

From a seed treatment point of view, it is disappointing to see that we have lost Deter, Thiram, Mesurol and now Austral Plus is the next on the list. Seed treatments present the perfect method of accurately targeting small doses of active ingredient to very efficiently combat the target pest or disease. The alternative, if one exists, is often a blanket spray approach using much higher rates of active ingredients delivered less precisely. We do however have some alternatives which are discussed later on in the brochure, which should hopefully offer optimism.

Within this brochure, we have a complete guide to autumn crops along with advice on crop protection and fertiliser. Alongside this, our Arable Team and Arable Specialists are on hand to off er advice on all aspects of crop production, ensuring you achieve the best yields possible.

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